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fine art gifts

by Boss / Brown Art

This decorative and functional clock is created from common kitchen objects, a bread pan, jar lid, spoons, etc. Takes 1 AA batteries.
9 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3" deep

$78.00 ($12)

fine art gifts

by S. Wenzel

Zingari are spirit friends who bring good fortune, health, joy and wisdom. Pin back allows you to wear it as a pin or attach it to a plexiglass sculpture stand for display. Beaded and sewn by hand, each is unique. In blues or earth tones, sexed as androgynous, definitely female, or definitely male, and in Brown or Peach face.
Approx. 5" high on a 5 1/4" stand

$75.00 ($10)

fine art gifts

by Kikkerland

This imported aluminum case opens to fan your cards, so you can find them easily. Plastic sleeves protect the magnetic strips.
4" x 3"

$16.50 ($8.)

fine art gifts

by Jan Carson

Entirely handmade mobiles created from lightly starched silk. Hand-cut silk leaves, individually soldered wires, and wrapped-wire fulcrums mark each original design as one of Jan Carson's nature-inspired kinetic art objects. Other syles and colors available.
50" diameter x 20"

$168.00 ($20.)

fine art gifts

by Heathes Tuttle

Brightly colored handmade paper mache faces with beads, feathers or wires and paint. Strong magnet back. Many available. Each one unique. Call for details.
Approx. 3" x 2 1/2"

$20.00 each ($8)

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